Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

by CleanFreak

Dog Hair Cleaning Tips

According to a recent National pet owners survey, 39% of American families own at least one dog. That’s 77.5 million dogs in the United States. That is a lot of dogs and a lot of dog hair floating around – not to mention cats and other hair shedding pets.

Being a dog owner myself, I would say the shedding is the only downside to having a dog. But if you can stay on top of cleaning it with some easy pet and dog hair cleaning tips it can be a lot more tolerable.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaning is obviously a great tool for removing pet hair. We use it daily on the carpet, furniture, and tops of the baseboards around the house. The trick is to move slowly while sucking hairs off of carpet and other fabrics. Check the bag regularly and have spare bags to replace any full ones.

Wet Mopping Pads

For hardwood and tile floors the Swiffer Sweeper wet mopping pads work great to pick up unwanted dog hair. We normally run a broom or vacuum over the area first before mopping. We also buy the pads in bulk because we rely on them a lot and it’s cheaper.

Lint Roller

Remove Pet Hair with a Lint RollerWe always keep a few lint rollers around the house and even in our vehicles. A couple of minutes with a lint roller can be a great way to clean up pet hair quickly if some unexpected company stops by. A slightly dampened latex glove will also work if you don’t have a lint roller handy. The pet hair will stick to the wet glove as you wipe it across furniture and other areas.

Pet Hair Sweeper

Instead of going through sticky sheets, this next tool works with friction and static electricity. In my opinion a must have tool for cleaning up pet hair is the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. I have one and it works great. With an 8″ to 12″ back and forth sweeping motion, the two rollers pick up pet hair and pull it into the plastic trap which is also the handle. Once it is full, you pitch it and buy another one. But I have used it a lot and it isn’t close to full yet. They say it’s equivalent to 175 sticky lint roller sheets. The fabric sweeper itself isn’t going to break your wallet either, retailing at just under $6 it’s a wise investment for any pet owner.

Preventative Pet Shedding Tips

You will notice a huge decrease in pet hair if you practice some preventative pet shedding tips. We noticed a huge decline in shedding dog hair once we bought a de-shedding tool. We use it on our dog once a day during her noon feeding – it’s just easier for us when she is distracted by food. Simply brushing your dog daily with a regular dog brush will also cut down on excessive shedding.

I am also a big fan of de-shedding waterless sprays, conditioners, and shampoos for pets. These have special oils and fatty acids in them to cut down on pet shedding. Giving your pet a bath on a regular basis will reduce shedding while these products help keep their skin moist.

To help keep your dog’s skin from being so dry – which causes more shedding – you can give them a fish oil capsule or tablet. We throw one in our dog’s food bowl during one of her meals for the day. She gobbles it right up with no problem. This helps keep her skin moist and reduces shedding. If you find your dog has trouble, you can cut open the capsule and poor the oil onto their food or just buy the liquid fish oil supplement for dogs.

Get Everyone Involved

Cleaning Dog Hair Should be a Family JobAnother key to staying on top of the pet and dog hair cleaning is to get everyone in the family involved. Our rule is – everyone enjoys having a pet so everyone can pitch in with cleaning up pet hair. Teach your kids how to use the lint rollers and sweeper on the furniture. If their old enough, show them how to run the vacuum or the wet mop. Having a little help can go a long way. It’s a lot of work for one person to clean up hair from a shedding dog – especially a large dog.

Follow these pet hair cleaning tips and reduce additional shedding with some preventative steps and I think you’ll find dealing with pet hair is a lot easier.

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fred rembert August 24, 2011 at 5:25 pm

All dogs shed, some more than others. The suggestions here are good. Another option is DoggyHairNets – they control shedding dog hair. Really. And they look great!

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